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Applications that install spyware will stop working if you remove the bundled spyware from the application. You can either: Stop using the application and uninstall it, or Instead of removing the spyware, move it to the Quarantine. If you want to use the ...
Most likely the majority of found spyware items are so called tracking cookies. Cookies are items in the Web browser that web sites use to save some information on the user's computer. Such cookies can compromise your privacy.
F-Secure Internet Security 2007 uses real-time spyware scanning, which is enabled by default and integrated into the antivirus protection. You can also run a separate manual scan for spyware.
Spyware is software that can record and send through Internet your keystrokes, history, passwords, and other confidential and private information. Spyware is often sold as a spouse monitor, child monitor, surveillance tool, or simply as a tool to spy on u...