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Knowledgebase: Spyware Issues
An application stopped working after I removed spyware form my computer. What can I do?
Posted by James Robshaw on 04 April 2007 12:30 PM

Applications that install spyware will stop working if you remove the bundled spyware from the application. You can either:

  • Stop using the application and uninstall it, or
  • Instead of removing the spyware, move it to the Quarantine. If you want to use the application, restore the spyware from the Quarantine. Restored spyware starts to work again and can spy your computer and display advertising popups.
  • If you choose to delete the detected spyware, it is not possible to restore it anymore. 
  • You may want to deny the spyware application from connecting to the network with the Internet Shield Application Control.
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