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Server Migration to new hardware.
Posted by James Robshaw on 08 December 2020 05:17 PM

We are bringing forward a previously planned future server migration to new hardware and Cloud platform.

All hardware has an anticipated lifespan.

We need to bring this time frame forward as the current hardware is beginning to show signs of degradation.

What are the benefits of our new cloud platform?

- newer faster hardware
- faster internal networking (40Gb instead of 10Gb)
- hardware redundancy on the network and router levels .

Is there anything I need to do? No.

Although we plan for the migration to be seamless, sites will be placed into maintenance mode beforehand.

Once the migration is completed sites will be checked and then taken out of maintenance.

On Wednesday 9th December 2020 this site will be affect by the migration.

So please use to see all updated news, and any status/progress related to the Titanium Cloud server migration.

We are sorry for not being able to advise you any sooner of this maintenance window and also any inconvenience this may cause.

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