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Saving other files in ExeScan
Posted by James Robshaw on 20 July 2006 05:31 PM

ExeScan is primarily used to store scanned documents. However it is possible to include any type of file that can be printed. Using a special driver (available at extra cost) it is possible to 'print' the document straight into ExeScan. The file is turned into a .tif file and sent to ExeScan rather than printed to your printer!

Once the file has been saved in ExeScan, changes made to the original document will not be re-saved in ExeScan. Essentially you are viewing a snapshot of the file at the time it was printed. ExeScan will only handle Black & White Images due to the huge amounts of disk space required to handle colour images.

We have included trial versions of the driver on the CD in the Utils\Tiff Printing. Ensure you choose the correct version. Follow the instructions in the readme file for each version.

Ensure you choose the correct file for your Windows version. Unzip the files and run the installation program. From your application, 'Print' the document to the 'Infomatik Image Driver', when the dialog appears choose ExeScan as the application to launch (the tif file name is not important at this stage). When the printing has stopped ExeScan will load and the document will appear ready to be added to the ExeScan database.

To unlock the release version please contact ExeScan via 

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