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Server Migration to new hardware.
Posted by James Robshaw on 08 December 2020 05:17 PM

We are bringing forward a previously planned future server migration to new hardware and Cloud platform.

All hardware has an anticipated lifespan.

We need to bring this time frame forward as the current hardware is beginning to show signs of degradation.

What are the benefits of our new cloud platform?

- newer faster hardware
- faster internal networking (40Gb instead of 10Gb)
- hardware redundancy on the network and router levels .

Is there anything I need to do? No.

Although we plan for the migration to be seamless, sites will be placed into maintenance mode beforehand.

Once the migration is completed sites will be checked and then taken out of maintenance.

On Wednesday 9th December 2020 this site will be affect by the migration.

So please use to see all updated news, and any status/progress related to the Titanium Cloud server migration.

We are sorry for not being able to advise you any sooner of this maintenance window and also any inconvenience this may cause.

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Server Migration
Posted by James Robshaw on 09 December 2014 04:26 PM

This announcement is to provide notice of an upgrade and migration on one of our several internet servers.

After a detailed review, to ensure our continuing commitment to providing the highest quality web hosting services.

Amongst the various changes to the server we will be doubling both the number of processers, the available memory, and moving to SSD hard drives.

The move will start on Thursday 11th Dec 2014 between 7 to 8 pm.

It is anticipated to be completed well before 3am the following morning on Friday 12th Dec 2014.

Please note that aside from the above downtime, there will be no other changes.

All affected customers have been notified directly.

As always, we thank you for your continued business and look forward to working with you for many years to come!

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There is FREE help out there....
Posted by James Robshaw (Import) on 18 January 2012 03:04 PM

We know from talking to brokers that many find it a challenge to carry out the requirements of the Terrorist Asset Freezing Etc Act 2010 by having to check if each and every client is entered on to the two lists published on the HM Treasury website.

Just to reiterate, it is an offence to provide any financial service to a person or body who is entered on the list and if you have any suspicions, you must alert the appropriate authority.

Checking is required on client acquisition and at renewal.

The two treasury lists allow you to check to see if your client is indeed noted, but you do have to search both lists. You then have to manually note the file as to what action you have taken, as there is no evidence on the Treasury website that you have carried out any search. Whilst the big advantage is that this service is free of charge, it can be quite cumbersome.

However, the lack of an audit trail is somewhat of a disadvantage and how can you prove you have done anything?

There are a number of external bodies who are now providing search facilities and some of the 'Back Office' system providers are sitting up and taking notice.

The drawback is cost, many of the search providers will charge a 'per search' fee and if you think about the number of clients you have, the yearly cost could soon mount up.

RWA Client, Graham Sykes Insurance in Exmouth, has worked alongside ProExe Internet Solutions to develop an online tool. This has been made available to all brokers and Financial Service Institutions. It's easy to use and the good news is that the basic checking system is free of charge. (A 'Premium' service with enhanced features is also available at £25 per annum (prices are plus VAT)).

It can be accessed at -

In addition, each month you can run a report which will show all searches your firm has made, so showing a valuable audit trail.

No software is needed, just access to the Internet.

RWA Head of Compliance, Terence Clark, has reviewed the system and feels that this could be a very useful aide to complying with the legislative requirements. "We regularly hear from brokers how time consuming these checks can be, and the solution developed by ProExe will hopefully make things easier for brokers without having to worry about extra costs."


Below is a list of current features within ProExe FST

Current Free Features:
  • Audit Trail of all searches completed as evidence for the necessary Authorities such as the FSA.
  • Email confirmation of Positive Search Result, sent to either your admin contact or (if field completed) a different email of your choice.
  • 2 User Logins.
  • User and Company Stats.
  • Reports downloadable in to CSV format.
Current Premium Features:
As well as the above Free Features, we are now pleased to offer some more in our premium version.
  • Customisable retrospective check of previous client searches in case they subsequently appear on HMT database updates (Automatic notification will also be sent as normal).
  • Automatic end of month reports emailed to admin contact (in CSV format).
  • Unlimited User Logins.

We are currently working on the next major release of ProExe FST some of which will be in our Premium Version. Below are a list of Future Features :

Premium Features "Coming soon":
  • Import CSV file to search for multiple contacts.
  • Increase in Searchable information

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Financial Sanctions Tool
Posted by James Robshaw (Import) on 02 September 2011 12:31 PM

Following a review by the Financial Services Authority they found that there were inadequacies in firms systems and controls to reduce the risk of breaching the UK financial sanctions requirements.

The FSA good practice requires firms to check:

  • Your existing clients against HMT's list
  • All new clients prior to providing any services or transactions
  • For updates to the HMT list
  • Any changes to your clients details

Not only do you have to complete this check but you have to record that you have carried it out.

This is where ProExe can assist you with our free to use Financial Sanctions Tool.

Our database is checked and updated on a daily basis so you will know you will always have up to date information. Each search is logged as an audit trail on our database for the relevant User and Company that has completed the search.

You can run monthly reports to show all the searches your company has carried out. This provides you with the information to show an authority such as the FSA.

Once you register your company to use our service you will have access to add Managers and Users to your FREE account.

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Security Tips
Posted by James Robshaw (Import) on 05 April 2007 02:43 PM

ProExe Security TipsProExe Security tips:

  1. Never reveal passwords or PINs to callers or to unsolicited e-mails, known as phishing.

  2. Protect and use dedicated software to manage all your internet logins and secure precious financial data. ProExe recommends RoboForm.

  3. Use hard-to-guess passwords and keep them private. Do not write passwords down on small pieces of paper taped to your computer. You would be surprised how many people are sloppy about keeping their passwords private. Passwords that are easy to-guess are a bad choice. Change your passwords regularly and don't give your passwords to anyone! Tell your family that combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are harder to crack than just words. RoboForm can generate highly secure passwords for you.

  4. Only ever use a protected computer with up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall.

  5. Email protection. Use an anti-spam program that scans all incoming messages. MailSentry automatically scans for both Spam and Viruses before the email even reaches your PC, as it runs directly on your mailserver.

  6. Keep your cards and card details safe.  Most internet fraud happens because card details are physically stolen.

  7. Only shop at secure websites.  Ensure the security icon - the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol - is showing.

  8. Check your statements as soon as you receive them.  If you find a transaction you did not make, contact your bank immediately.

  9. Back-up your computer data regularly. ProExe's Remote Back-up facility securely backup and encrypts you precious data, before storing it safely offsite.

  10. Make sure your PC settings use the highest level of security - not just the default ones.

  11. Print out your order.  When shopping online make sure you get a hard copy of your order form and the retailer's terms and conditions.

  12. You did back-up didn't you?

  13. Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan. No matter how good your disaster recovery plan, it cannot recover data if you neglect to back it up.

  14. Regularly download security protection update "patches". Security flaws are regularly found in operating systems and application software. Companies that make software release quick fixes called "patches" that you should install to correct the latest software flaw. It is a good idea to check for security updates on the publisher's Web site for all the software you own.

  15. Windows XP's Automatic Updates feature will download and install critical security updates and service packs only. To obtain non-critical updates, use IE to visit the Microsoft Update website.

  16. Wireless security.  Encryption is the number one security measure. Use WPA instead of WEP where possible. Change the default administrative password. Turn off SSID broadcasting. Change the default SSID. Use MAC filtering.


Use Common Sense. As with most things in life, using common sense when using your PC is a good idea.

Don't open any email that comes from an unexpected source, your Bank is more likely to phone you to discuss your account than email you. Never reveal your bank account details, credit card details, or computer password, unless you can be sure that the request is legitimate (if in doubt, do not give the information). Finally never use the CD draw as a coffee cup holder!

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