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ExeScan document imaging and filing system
Posted by James Robshaw (Import) on 20 July 2006 02:24 PM

ExeScan the document imaging and filing system, has just come into the range of products and services available from ProExe.

With ExeScan Document Management your documents can be easily called up on your PC where they can be viewed, printed, faxed or emailed. The days of lost files are over. 

Reduced office costs - no more photocopying endless paper, cut out unnecessary  phone calls, free up valuable office space. ExeScan Document Management does it all.

Files at your fingertips

ExeScan Document Management uses an Electronic filing technology that converts paper documents into electronic form so that they can be stored on your PC or computer network, great for instant access or archiving. 

This, when combined with the power of the database, email, networking, fax and storage, ensures immediate retrieval with multiple access and gives you the opportunity to send information across the room or the world with consummate ease!

ExeScan Knowledgebase 

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