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Mail Spoofing / Forged Email - someone sending mail using my domain name
Posted by James Robshaw on 14 May 2006 12:04 PM

Spoofing occurs when a user receives an email from your domain making it look like you were the sender. It's a cheap trick for spammers to trick visitors into thinking it's being sent from a legit place and retrieving everything from passwords to credit card numbers.  PayPal and various Banks have been a constant victim of these scams.

If you believe your email address has been compromised or there are emails being sent out in your name which you are not sending, please copy the email headers from one of the emails that were sent and open a new support ticket.  We can then verify for sure that the email did not come from your servers and work toward a resolution.

If it did not come from your server, unfortunately there's not much you can do other than wade through the mass emails until they decide to quit and move on to the next place. Using the header information we'll be able to find out what data centre is responsible for sending the mail and we can contact them to have them potentially shut down for spamming etc.

Often the filters in ProExe's TrustedMail can be utilised, to help reduce the impact of spoofing.

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