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What is the difference between High Assurance SSL certificates and existing SSL certificates?
Posted by James Robshaw on 10 May 2006 11:15 PM

The vetting process will be much more comprehensive than any CA's current vetting standards, which primarily rely on email and faxed information, database lookups and phone calls before issuing an SSL certificate. Key to the new High Assurance certificates is a standardised process across CAs for verifying information that will include: verifying the organization's identity; verifying that the would-be purchaser has the legal authority to make the SSL certificate request for that organisational entity; and confirming that the entity is a legitimate business, not a shell or false front entity.

The standards will establish new requirements for an organisation that cannot be controlled or faked by a High Assurance certificate applicant. These requirements will be vital in preventing imposters from obtaining false certificates. And more likely, imposters will simply not try to obtain a High Assurance certificate.

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