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Knowledgebase: BackupMX
Why use BackupMX?
Posted by James Robshaw on 05 May 2006 10:51 AM

Does your business host it's own mail server? (Microsoft Exchange for example).  

What would happen to your mail if your Internet connection or server was unavailable? What sort of impression do your customers get when mail gets bounced back to them as 'undeliverable' or 'delayed'?

If you've ever suffered an ISP outage or email server failure, you'll know how important having a secondary email server, off-site, on an independent connection is.

A missed email costs wasted time and potentially wasted money. We provide a backup to your primary mail server for a nominal fee.  This service takes over for your primary mail server when it is unavailable, spooling the mail until it can be delivered.

ProExe's BackupMX service can provide this resilience for you business or organisation.

Summary of benefits:

  1. Seamless operation, fully automatic forwarding of mail.  
  2. Default storage of mail for 15 days, longer if needed.
  3. In the event of an outage at your site, clients will be unaware of the problem.
  4. Time tested and proven business solution.
  5. Individual control panel.
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