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Do I own my domain name?
Posted by James Robshaw on 04 May 2006 03:43 PM

When you purchase a domain name you pay for the right to use the specific name for a certain period of time. With the possible exception of some national registries, this is not an indefinite period. You must maintain the yearly subscription and usage fees to retain these rights. Within these conditions, any domain that you register through us is 100% yours. It is registered in the name that you provide, with you as the contact. We make no claims of ownership or authority over your domain, and assume no responsibility for keeping the contact info current or paying for its renewal.

We understand that you may have had experiences (or heard stories) in which a web host registered themselves as the domain's owner or contact and made it hard or impossible for you to move the domain out of their hosting system. This kind of thing is not normal practice and does not happen at ProExe or at any other reputable hosting company.

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