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I keep on being logged out of the Financial Sanctions Tool, what is going on?
Posted by Stewart Shram on 21 March 2012 02:22 PM

The Financial Sanctions Tool includes a function that will not allow concurrent users to access the same user account at the same time.

Each time a user logs in they will be issued with a randomly generated Hexadecimal code which is logged against a cookie that is set on that persons computer.

So for instance if you have multiple people using the same login details (this is not recommended as the audit trail will only show one person using the system) and person 1 logins in they will be issued with the randomly generated Hexadecimal code, then if person 2 logs in using the same login details a new randomly generated Hexadecimal code will be issued to person 2. If Person 1 then tries to use the site then they will be issued with a Concurrent User Screen.

Person 1 can click on the link to log back in again, however again a new code will be issued which will then log person 2 out.

If you a hot desking though out the day you will be logged out of the previously used computer as this will act like another person logging in to the same user account.

**If you have more than one person logging in to one user account then please contact ProExe on "0845 1300 192" to upgrade your account to our Premium or Premium Plus+ products.**

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