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How can I view my emails when I am away from my designated computer?
Posted by James Robshaw on 08 June 2006 01:49 PM

You can login to your POP3 mailbox from any computer from any location, using that same login settings (username, password & incoming POP3 mail server) that are on your "designated computer".

But when you do this, also select the option to leave a copy of the message on the mail server. When this option is selected and you are back on your "designated computer" the emails will still be available for download to your main PC.

Note: Over time, if you continued to always access your emails from another location, your mailbox would eventually become full, as the emails would be be downloaded, and subsequently emptied from your mailbox.

NB. If you regularly need a solution for say a laptop, please contact us for an alternative method, which can be used when you aren't able to use your normal internet dial-up / broadband connection method. 

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