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What happens when I view my own website? Doesn't that affect the statistics?
Posted by James Robshaw on 01 June 2006 12:00 PM

To prevent your own traffic increasing the hits on your own website, so you can see a true reflection of actual visitors, ProExe has a simple method to solve this.

So long as you have a fixed IP address we add this to a configuration file, which will then not record your own activity on your own site. In fact ProExe also adds our fixed IP to the configuration, so when we are say maintaining, or developing your site; our traffic does not skew the statistics.

If you have satellite offices, or home as well as office use, we can also block this traffic being recorded as well.

The raw log files aren't affected by this method, so full logging of all activity on the website is always maintained.

Summary: specified traffic can be blocked from showing in the online website statistics.

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